About us

Loving You. Loving Earth. Loving Fashion.

FromAbigailAnne, a sustainable slow fashion brand, offers reimagined staples and exclusive designs reflecting an eco-conscious lifestyle. Born from a passion for fashion, sustainability, and inclusivity, the brand aims to be a go-to for unique, sustainable, inclusive, and individual garments.

Similar to our evolving society, fashion undergoes different eras, resulting in an overwhelming amount of waste as we swiftly shift from one trend to another. This industry's rapid pace contributes to a highly diverse collection of curated waste.

This presents a challenge as we try and turn this diverse waste, including last year’s barbiecore, the quickly rejected exposed seam tops and your grandma’s floral dresses, into a cohesive, on trend clothing brand.

At fromabigailanne, our goal is to repurpose as much fashion waste as possible but this makes it difficult for us to have a central aesthetic and focus for our brand. So we threw out the rule book and centred our mindset around being …...

“Unapologetically eclectic, individual and beautiful”

Empowering you to be unapologetically you, whether you want to be edgy one day and elegant the next, we are here to sustain you through your multiple fashion personalities.

How do we plan on doing this?

Every few months we release a collection with a different focus aesthetic. Each collection includes 1 or 2 outfits that consist of 1 - 3 reimagined staples and an accessory, that are locally designed and handmade in Sydney, Australia. Customers will be able to order these items in the sizing of their choice (XXS - XXXL). These items are limited in stock to discourage overconsumption, made with no waste patterns, created with locally sourced materials and are ‘made to order’ to prevent any unnecessary waste.

Also included in each collection will be a range of exclusive designs. These garments are all made from 100% recycled materials and are therefore (1 of 1) exclusive to the customers wardrobe.

Hi! I am Abigail Anne. I am 19 and live in Sydney, Australia.

I have always loved being creative even from a very young age. I would sit in my room watching DIY decor youtube videos and make clothes using a hot glue gun to put seams together.

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Post high-school I quickly acquired Certificates in Fashion and Graphic Design at Tafe. My way of relaxing was in front of a sewing machine or sketch book working on my next design (aka my outfit for the weekend). Being able to be completely unique and having a wardrobe that allows me to express my true self is what I love about sewing and bringing my designs to life!

At the beginning of 2023 I decided to quit both my jobs, enrol in a Fashion Business degree and invest all my time into creating my own brand. With every spare minute I have and continue to put my heart and soul into FromAbigailAnne. Every garment is a reflection of my passion, hard work and commitment to both fashion and the planet. I aspire to empower everyone who interacts with my brand to love themselves, love fashion and love the planet.

At FromAbigailAnne our mission is to empower people to love themselves, love fashion and love this earth. We are committed to creating high-quality, sustainable, inclusive and fashionable garments aiming to change the fashion industry one garment at a time.


Our mission at FromAbigailAnne is to create clothes people love themselves in. Fashion is a beautiful way for people to express their individuality and we aim to encourage that through providing high quality garments that you feel comfortable and confident wearing.

All our items are made in consideration of inclusivity as we all know no body is the same and no body can be labelled ‘large’ or ‘small’. As such we aim to make our garments as adjustable as possible. This way you can adjust it to you body as you like, so it cinches or flows in the perfect ways for you.


We believe that it is our ( and every brand's ) responsibility to work towards a more sustainable future and lessen our impact on the earth. Through using recycled materials, deadstock fabric, remnants, second hand tools, compostable packaging, limited quantities and so many more conscious processes, we do our very best to make our products and processes as sustainable as possible.

Our collections are a combination of limited reimagined staple pieces, aiming to discourage high consumption culture, and exclusive designs, focusing on high quality unique garments that give new life to recycled and second hand fabrics. This encourages our customers to appreciate the slowness and exclusivity of our garments whilst limiting our brand's environmental impact. Providing the ultimate sustainable fashion outlet, giving customers exclusive designs that they feel confident wearing and guilt free buying.


Finally we aim to make our customers fall in love with fashion. Our designs draw inspiration from traditional silhouettes, fashion culture around the world and generational trends, to bring you unique and fashionable designs.

Being a small brand I also just want to give people that intimate connection that lacks in big brands today. From the hand written thank you cards to the personally handmade one of a kind items you can purchase. All our pieces have a special place in our hearts and we hope yours!