As a sustainable slow fashion brand, sustainability is at the centre of everything we do!

We are attempting to change the fashion industry one garment at a time

We are constantly asking ourselves; how can we be more sustainable?

We realise that it is impossible to be 100% sustainable as we do not live in a sustainable society.

However, in EVERY aspect of our business we are using the most sustainable practices possible and we are constantly finding new ways to improve our sustainability. Our hope is to inspire others to do the same and make their own impact.

We make it our priority to be up front and honest with our customers about our sustainability journey. We aim to create a low-impact fashion community that encourages and inspires the wider fashion industry to make changes to work towards a more sustainable society.


In every design, purchasing, operating or manufactoring decisions we use practices that limit our impact on the planet. We try limit any new material or substance being manufactured and added to the earth. Instead we try to use what is already here and with some magic turning second hand materials into new pieces of art.

Exclusive Garments from 100% Recycled Materials

Made to Order Structure

No Waste Patterns

Limited Quantities

Conscious Designs

Clothing Exchange

Recycled packaging materials

Compostable Packaging slips



Committed to making a postive impact on the community! When making operational decisions we do our best to donate and invest money into the local community and charities.

Supporting local businesses

Supporting local charity organisations

Purchasing from Op-Shops


We do our best to ensure that when buying and investing money into the running of our business, that we are doing it in the most economical and sustainable ways possible.

All our machinery is purchased secondhand

Tools and haberdashery is purchased secondhand

Zero Emission Courier Services