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Azalea Skirt

Azalea Skirt

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The Azalea skirt is a stunning mid-rise maxi skirt that is a staple in any wardrobe. Whilst fitting seamlessly with any Azalea top it compliments so many pieces in your wardrobe! The mid-rise style allows you to wear the skirt in high, low and mid rise fashion so you feel comfortable and confident. It's tapered silhouette compliments any body, giving a very snatched aesthetic, whilst functionally allowing you walk through the slit in the centre back.

Made using a no waste pattern from high quality nylon spandex that shimmers in the sun and hugs your body with such comfort!

This is a real investment piece that you will find yourself wearing to any occasion!


- Taperd Silhouette
- Elastic Waist Band
- Lined


Nylon Spandex
Made with a no waste pattern <3





All Models Wear Size S

Specific Product Care

Use delicates bag on low temperature when washing

For more refer to product care page.

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